How Do I Request Uniform?

We accept requests for help with school uniform from families and individuals directly, without a referral from another service. However, we are happy to receive requests directly from Schools, Health Care Professionals, Church Groups and other Community Groups on behalf of families.

Requests for help with uniform are available to everybody, no matter what their personal circumstances. There is never any judgement here, we work on the basis that everybody needs a little help sometimes and it should always be available when requested.

I try to answer requests as soon as I can. If you can submit requests using the online contact form here, or by messaging the Facebook page directly, these are checked daily. However, I can at the moment only check availability when I am physically at the storage facility. This may mean a few days wait. Please be patient, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I am currently undertaking a move of storage facilities into a shared facility with Winsford Community Grocery (the old job centre building). This is a big job and its currently being undertaken around having all my children home and home schooling. Once I am settled in the new building and have a rough idea (ideally a stocktake) of the items I have available I will be putting them on here for you to be able to reserve directly and collect from storage.

In exceptional circumstances/times of crisis, I could possibly be able to purchase new items from the small donated money kitty I hold. These are exceptional circumstances such as; homelessness, flood/fires, domestic violence, severe hardship due to Covid/Universal Credit issues. When 'Emergency Purchase' help is requested I will need some further details to confirm circumstances. All other help sources such as Local Council Schemes and Citizens Advise should be explored first.

Uniform is always FREE for anybody who requests it. We do have a donation bucket at the storage when your collecting if your able to leave a donation, these donations are put towards Emergency Purchases. There is no expectation of a donation in exchange for uniform.